Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My sister is something of a gift-giving savant. Always the right gift, the perfect wrapping, and flawless timing.

She sent this package on Monday. Loyal readers, you'll no doubt notice that I had our baby on Monday. I didn't call and tell anyone until Tuesday morning, as I was busy recovering and receiving visitors. My sister lives in Boston, and woke up that morning thinking, "Hmm. I really should ship that package off before the baby arrives!" Spooky, huh?

Such a sweet knit, such a perfect blanket. And seriously--scalloped tissue? She's amazing, and every gift looks and feels as though she were thinking of no one but you for WEEKS as she patiently and perfectly planned out each and every detail. It makes me feel truly special and treasured. PLUS, she knows that while I "knit," I neither Knit nor do I produce knitwear for the company, so that makes this even more of a thoughtful and non-redundant gift. If I weren't so happy to be the recipient of her goodness, I'd certainly feel more ashamed that I never, never, never get gifts out on time. Ever.

Little Man is super tiny, and won't fit this yet, but by the time it's cold out, he'll be bigger and stronger and ready for the yummy outfit from his sweet Aunt. Babies are delicious!

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dana said...

That is such a sweet little package with the perfect touches. You're right...scalloped tissue paper? I'll have to remember that one.