Thursday, July 31, 2008

Plans Dashed or Crisis Averted?

My Sweet Husband wrote me over two weeks ago and let me know that Cheescake Factory, that bastion of the chain dinner, was having a special the end of this month on their cheesecake--only $1.50 a slice, instead of the usual (and outrageous) $7.95. On the whole, neither of us is anything of a Cheescake Factory fan, but cheap dessert as an excuse to go on a date?? Sign me up.

He emailed this morning and wrote that he wanted to go out after dinner, just we grown-ups, and have a Dessert Date--he'd had it written on his calendar this whole time. So thoughtful!! And then I learned that it was LAST night, the 30th, and not tonight, the 31st and we'd both been grievously misinformed. Ah, well. Maybe we can think of some other mini-date that involves large quantities of sugar and low-level ambience...

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Anonymous said...

May I suggest the following:
Milkshakes at Steak N' Shake,
Krispy Kremes eaten in your station wagon-but only if they were purchased when the Red Light was on, and/or the ever-faithful McDonald's Apple Pie. All of these suggestions meet the cheap, loads-of-sugar and minimal ambiance requirements. Bon Appetit!